Prop Swap Quashed

At the end of Wednesday’s Bremerton City Council meeting, City Councilman Adam Brockus read a letter from Mayor Cary Bozeman stating the city would not sell or swap the NAD parks or Forest Ridge Park. The letter ended speculation that had been going on for months and that was the subject of a Nov. 4 story in The Kitsap Sun.

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7 thoughts on “Prop Swap Quashed

  1. …as it should be.
    Good for Mayor Cary Bozeman for stopping the speculation, worry and concern that such a short sighted idea was actually considered.
    Now, this is the way good government should function…toss the stupid ideas out and let us know such ideas are off the table.
    Thank you, Mayor Bozeman, on behalf of my grandchildren and their grandchildren…they will gain the benefit of your wise decision, and I appreciate the consideration to let us know..
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you Mayor Bozeman,
    Your letter to the City Council truly reflects my sentiment. As a 30 year citizen, it is impressive and exciting to witness the smart revitalization of Bremerton. Our parks will be invaluable assets as plans progress. Thank you for protecting our Parks. I commend you.

  3. This a great decision handed down by our mayor, however I feel after seeing Mr. Bozeman on the community access TV show (Nov. 16th) answering Mr. Cohoon’s letter regarding this property swap, the fight to keep a disc golf course in NAD Park may continue. Thank you to all those who have helped champion this cause and keep visibility on it.

  4. This is to tell Kitsap County that I found the best hid secret around yesterday…(World COPD Day) ..the location of the Bremerton Ice Rink.!
    It is a real place, a beautiful place…far nicer in fact than the super ice skating rink here in the olden days….when I was a kid.
    Just as important, I discovered that a person can ice skate using a walker for balance.
    Folks with arthritis wouldn’t skate for fear of falling…but I am here to say I have bone on bone arthritis in my left hip, not a good candidate for surgery…and my idea that I could skate using my dad’s old walker…worked!
    If I can do it with a walker anyone can. In fact I told a friend about it – she has to use a walker for another reason (I normally use trekking sticks) and we are going skating…two of us ice skating with walkers…how cool is that?!
    Now…why not a whole rink full of us…?
    It felt great and IS great exercise!
    Dad’s walker has two wheels in front, rubber pads in back.
    I don’t know how a 4 wheeled walker would work, nor a walker without any wheels…but dad’s kept me from falling and skating – sort of a shuffle – at the same time.
    I would not skate if a bunch of little hotdoggers were sliding and falling all over the rink … we do have to use some common sense.
    I had not ice skated in twenty-five years
    …folks…walkers are meant for ice skating…I hope some of you will join me next time.

  5. Thank you Mayor Bozeman for listening to the community that you represent. City and County parks are getting harder to come by with all the development going on. We, the community, needs to perserve what we have.

    As a side note, I still haven’t figured out why the Bremerton school district would even consider building a new school next to highway and a busy four lane road. Could you imagine our kids walking or riding their bikes along the side of road with cars speeding down the road at 35mph….

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