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Park Countdown

On Tuesday a group of 20 Manette residents met to see how they might be able to save a property they’ve known for decades as a place to learn to ride bikes, play tennis or some kind of recreation. It used to be a reservoir, but now the city is selling it. A developer could put as many as six homes on the site. Residents in the neighborhood want it to be a park and have until Monday to prevent the sale. If they get 100 property owners willing to sign a letter stating they’d be willing to tax themselves to own it, they might pull it off. Look for more later about this later this week in the Kitsap Sun.

More on Traffic Cameras

On Sunday we offer you more information about the proposed use of cameras to assist in traffic enforcement. There are two Dayton, Ohio videos you can see. One was provided by Redflex Traffic Systems. The other one is on Snopes, which is one of my favorite Web sites.

I’ll be away this week, so I won’t be able to post your comments for awhile. Feel free to leave them, though and I’ll post them when I return on Nov. 27.

‘Tough’ Decision

A special governing body recommended, sort of, shrinking the Kitsap Transit service area, a move designed to help the agency win elections. Think that’s editorializing?

“We’re not denying that this is about economics and the ability to win elections,” (Richard) Hayes said.

The move wouldn’t change the agency’s service. It’s primarily about getting voter approval for passenger-only ferry service. All five on this board said they want the ferry service, but three said they don’t want to eliminate people from voting on it. Gehring was one of those, but voted for it Thursday in part because it wasn’t a final decision.

That will happen Dec. 12.

Gehring is the one who said the decision will be “tough.”

Some of you think it shouldn’t be a tough decision at all.

Prop Swap

The Bremerton School District will have 1,200 kids in a middle school at Mountain View, so building a new school on the NAD Soroptomist Park site is one option up for consideration.

This is all very preliminary, according to both sides. If there were a property swap, the city would get the gym at what is now called Bremerton Junior High School. It was once a high school, so the gym is pretty nice.

The swap, or any sale of NAD, would require a unanimous vote of the city council for the city to let it go, and a reader has suggested there may be restrictions on what can go on the NAD site anyway, which may render the discussion moot.

NAD, by the way, stands for Naval Ammunition Depot.

Construction Costs Through the Roof

I can’t begin to tell you how many stories I’ve written lately that referenced the increase in construction costs. I can name some:

On Tuesday we had a story about the municipal court building costing more than projected, making the city wonder whether it will ever build a new permanent place.

The Manette Bridge has been pushed back and its unique features downscaled because of escalating prices.

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