B&O Smells Bad

Sorry, couldn’t resist the obvious pun. Bremerton appears poised to reduce its B&O tax, which charges business owners a tax on their revenues. Over the years I’ve heard gas station owners complain the most about this tax, because it relies on revenues, not profits. Not that they would like taxes on profits either, but one on revenues is even worse. So if gas prices go up, your B&O tax goes up even if your bottom line doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “B&O Smells Bad

  1. Of course if we followed Ron Sims tax plan we would have a progressive income tax instead of a regressive sales tax that hurts the poor and working class and a B&0 Tax that hurts our econemy.

  2. What about the small business owner faced with an ever increasing B & O tax?…it hardly seems fair to charge a business and occupation tax in addition to all the other taxes a small business owner must pay…it should be reduced by half (exception gas stations) for small business.

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