Hugo Fired

Chris Hugo, Bremerton’s community development director since November 2000, was fired by the city Tuesday.

Mayor Cary Bozeman declined to comment on the reasons for Hugo’s termination Wednesday, saying it’s his policy not to comment on personnel issues.
Hugo, 59, said the mayor didn’t tell him why he was being fired. Hugo said it’s modern management practice to not give reasons, because those reasons often have to be defended later. “It’s really a liability to tell people why you’re letting them go,” Hugo said.
Hugo resigned from the job in September 2002, citing dissatisfaction with his role in the city’s overall planning process. He had agreed to stay on a month in the interim and by the time the month was up he and the mayor had worked out a new arrangement both could live with.
The community development department was given the Governor’s Legacy of Liveable Communities Award in June after the city implemented zoning within a year of adopting its comprehensive plan. At the time Hugo called the award the most significant award of his career.

6 thoughts on “Hugo Fired

  1. Once again the Kitsap Peninsula earns recognition as the worst place in the State for a career in planning. Adherence to the legal and ethical framework of the profession is an unacceptable personal agenda.

  2. Yes, it was sarcasm. It was also a paraphrase of public statements made about a former Kitsap County DCD director when he left. Those who find land use regulations onerous often speak so.

    Chris can rub people the wrong way and knows how to blow his own horn. But it was refreshing to see some leadership for a change. The County and only major city have ugly track records of sacking DCD directors and now both have vacancies. Why would anyone with talent and ability take such a job here?

  3. My family and I were enticed to Bremerton in 2000. This occured thanks to Lynn Horton. We bought a house, now home.The city we thought might have a chance to grow for our family. The attributes were clear. Now, we wish to move. The cities portentous future forebodes our dream. The cities planning is for the few not for the people. Why must the citizens of Bremerton have to give up its water-front to commercialism and condos The tax breaks for the few?
    Even with a high residenual tax rate the schools are still in disaray. Where is the total city planning and effort to make it all happen… I mean, for all not the few?
    Michael Newman

  4. Will you clarify, please?
    Do you mean that private waterfront owners should have a tax break too?
    What do you suggest for the schools in disarray?
    I’m not sure, but I don’t think that Bremerton has enough private home owners to support the city…they must bring in revenue from somewhere.
    I hope someone will further explain what needs to be done….

  5. Man, the only thing Lynn Horton ever did for me was encourage me to vote against her.

    That said, I think most of your points aren’t actually all that valid. People are acting like the “waterfront” (where the condos are going) was ever open to the public in the first place. It wasn’t. And, thank you very much, due to these condo developments, we’ll soon have gorgeous downtown park right by the ferry terminal, as well as a boardwalk that will connect the downtown with Evergreen Park. Soon we’ll start hearing about this mythical eagle’s nest that was on the Turner Joy.

    Development happens, whether you like it or not. It can happen smartly, or it can happen stupidly. Or, if you were one of the pre-Bozeman mayors, it could just not happen at all. I, for one, happen to like all the changes I’m seeing in Bremerton and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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