Helsinki Goes Bremerton

Since getting back and taking a few days off after my NASCAR excursion, I come back to cover . . . more NASCAR.

So I missed out on an opportunity to talk with the mayor and others about another Bremerton milestone. A Helsinki delegation visited Seattle Tuesday. For dinner they got on the ferry and came to Bremerton, ate at Anthony’s and then returned.

I ask you, when did Seattle people start bringing people to Bremerton on purpose?

3 thoughts on “Helsinki Goes Bremerton

  1. Well, for Heaven’s Sake… why not bring folks here?
    What is more beautiful than our scenic waterways seen from a Washington ferry?
    Maybe…one day… the Bremerton /Seattle route will merit a BI class ferry. Maybe.

  2. I commute pretty regularly and since I’m pretty outgoing and restless, I’ve run into many people over the years who come on the ferry to Bremerton just to see the Puget Sound and have a bite to eat and return. In my opinion the half to full day excursion to Bremerton is one of most economical and interesting and undeveloped tourism opportunities in the area.
    In addition I’ve scheduled national meetings and tours here for my day job and many family and sports gatherings and Bremerton is always very popular. If you read the Northwest Runner there is a two page spread about running in Bremerton and other locations around the county.

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