Expanding the List

Your contributions to the wish list for downtown Bremerton were outstanding. Now it’s time to broaden the question.

In Sunday’s Kitsap Sun you’ll find a story revealing that the city now has about $9 million set aside for a boardwalk between downtown Bremerton and Evergreen Rotary Park. The boardwalk, said city folks, has been on residents’ wish lists for decades. With this money it may no longer be a wish. Money like this can make it easier to get more money, so it’s tempting to count the boardwalk as fait accompli.

Assuming that’s true, what else do you want for Bremerton? What do you want for Kitsap Way and for Wheaton Way? How would you expand ferry service, or would you at all? What kind of changes would you like to see in the city?

6 thoughts on “Expanding the List

  1. As the pieces fall into place in downtown (Harborside), the need for a new Manette Bridge becomes more evident.

    Bike lanes would be a nice addition from the ferry terminal to Wheaton Way and to Kitsap Way. Downtown, in general, is not friendly to other modes of transport. I rode through Olympia this past weekend as part of the RAPSody (Ride Around Puget Sound) event and the number of bike lanes made it very enjoyable and a heck of a lot safer.

  2. Well for one,this area really needs better bus service.

    Since Bremerton is trying to add more stuff for people to do and go to,it would be nice if the bus system did’nt shut down at 8 pm on weekdays and 6 pm on weekends!

    At least have the #11 crosstown run until say 11 pm on all days and allow it to stop at more stops again.

  3. Attractive bicycle paths/walking paths/ through-out Bremerton, Manette, East Side, West Side, all around the town would make Bremerton user friendly and top of the line.
    The paths should extend to and border the dangerous for cyclists, Kitsap Way…
    Bremerton should decide on an overall theme, hire or ask volunteer artists to develop scenes in keeping with Bremerton’s new wannabe ‘look’ and paint the scenes on selected sides of the buildings.
    Folks owning the wonderful old homes should be offered incentives to restore the homes and yards to their old splendor OR give them new splendor.
    Thank you for asking.

  4. Ferry service between 12:35 and 3:00 would be a step in the right direction.

    Music/beer/arts/whatever festivals on the boardwalk in the summer.

    As mentioned previously, bike lanes would be a definite plus, especially along Warren Ave./Wheaton Way.

    Something to go into the eyesore that is the abandoned Eagle Shopping Center. Heck, tear it down and put in a park. Something. Anything.

    One other thing that I continually neglect to mention, but I think would be a big plus in downtown Bremerton would be a health club. Something close to the ferry terminal.

  5. Bremerton might also offer courtesy bicycle stands and free loan bikes that folks can pick up and ride. The bikes could be dropped off at another ‘loaner’ bike stand in the city or left at the original stand. A GPS system
    might be used or motion activated camera.
    Bremerton needs to lay down the red carpet to attract and keep our visitors/residents feeling they never want to leave.
    Of course, a health club offering state of the art equipment and highly trained, professional, innovative trainers is essential.
    A medical team/sports medicine team could be hired by the city and based in an office downtown.

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