And We’re Back

Our blog had a problem over the weekend that made me unable to approve your comments. It appears things are working now.

The comments you sent were lost on the system, but I got them in my e-mail, so later today I’ll copy and paste them under the right entries. In the meantime, comment away.

One thought on “And We’re Back

  1. Congratulations to the Kitsap Sun for their recent article on Consumer Reports evaluation of local physical therapy… and the local star, Northwood.
    In addition, last week’s COPD article was great as well.

    There is a huge need to educate and provide support for the chronically ill patient spouse and family. Disease and illness implodes the whole family, not just the patient. The spouse and family need educating as much if not more than the patient does.

    Living with a chronically ill patient can be difficult and bewildering. Stress and ignorance of the family’s new medical challenge and how to deal with the huge change in the family dynamics, can become life threatening to the family.
    The chronically ill patient can learn to live with the disease, even thrive with the challenge – the one thing they will not do – cannot do – is go back to the person they once were. Families need to know.

    I like the recent changes in The Kitsap Sun. Good job.

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