Did I miss anything?

A week away and here’s what happens:

The mayor withdraws his pay-for-parking proposal after the Chamber of Commerce opposes it. There has been some heated reaction to the mayor’s contention that shipyard workers are part of the problem. In a particular incident he cited, he said a guy with a handicapped placard parked in a downtown spot and walked to the shipyard gate. The handicapped placard issue is a whole ‘nother thing, because it allows a person to park in a space almost endlessly regardless of time restrictions. Anyone clear on those rules? At any rate, this one was a bit of a surprise for a guy on vacation, as I was last week.

Secondly, the city approved the wifi setup, despite the fact another business is nearly offering it already in Bremerton. I can think of an argument that Bremerton city leaders might use to defend the decision in the face of a private company already offering the service. But from what I’ve read and seen, it’s not an argument anyone has made.

That tunnel thing still around?

4 thoughts on “Did I miss anything?

  1. Things seem to get sillier and sillier. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.
    What is wrong with the idea of parking lots OUTSIDE OF THE DOWNTOWN AREA and visitors and shipyard workers being bussed in FREE?
    As far as the Handicap Stickers go… the buses should be equiped with handicap access for those needing it.
    A mid twenty-something young man once told me he and his wife had parked in a Handicapped space close to the movie theater because it was there and empty. His response to my question about a handicapped person needing the space he took was “old people should stay home. They shouldn’t be out anyway.”
    We may have raised a new/several generations of the MEEE MEEE Groupies… and a whole new subject, different issue.

  2. On that tunnel. That thing has really bugged me ever since it was first proposed, and I think I’ve finally figured out why.

    The first reason: The tunnel should be thought of as part of the ferry system, in that its main stated purpose is to reduce conflicts between ferry traffic and other downtown traffic – mainly pedestrian traffic. Now the state has the ferry system set up so that it has to produce 80% of its revenue from the payment of fares. (The fact that this is a ridiculous requirement, one which isn’t even met by such heavily-used public transit systems as the New York subway, is beside the point here.) I say that this same requirement should apply to the tunnel. It should have a toll booth, and people who don’t want to pay a toll could wend their way through Bremerton just as they do now. How soon do you think that tunnel would pay for itself?

    Second, I think that the proposed cost of the tunnel – it seems to me I remember a figure of $28 million – should be compared with that of other projects to benefit downtown Bremerton. I’d imagine that sum would build a fine new Manette bridge that would be a lot more useful to more people than the tunnel.

  3. Scrap the track.PLEASE
    Its a really bad idea.Take time and look at the big picture for a change.This area has grown to much along with the high cost of housing and rentals. Traffic is also an issue to.
    Please send it to Oregon or somewhere else because we don’t need it.You know what im talking about Mr Gardner
    Remember how things were when we went to school together years ago.Look at how the area is now compaired to years ago.Now ethink about how things will be if the track comes to our area.Please don’t support the track.

  4. Nostalgia for the ‘old’ slow days is nice, but unimportant…
    The bottom line has to be…is the track good for our area? For our growth and economy?

    I cannot think of a better area for it…if it is what Kitsap County needs and wants for the future of our children and their children.

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