Cruise with Chris

You may have involuntarily cruised the Puget Sound waters with your governor Monday.

Democrats met at the conference center Monday in what Mayor Cary Bozeman described as a caucus. He was invited to give a “Welcome to Bremerton” speech, after which he was to be escorted out. Private stuff, you understand.

Gov. Chris Gregoire was to be in attendance. As Bozeman left a meeting in the conference room next to his sixth-floor office at the Norm (The Norm Dicks Government Center), he told the city council and city managers about the meeting. He said the governor was flying in “as we speak.”

Kitsap Sun reporter Josh Farley said his girlfriend rode the Seattle-Bremerton ferry Monday afternoon and, in fact, the governor was sailing there. By Josh’s girlfriend’s account, the governor assured everyone the ferries are safe.

Surely that was reassuring to the hundreds who had already purchased a ticket and boarded the boat.

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  1. Does anyone know about the Hwy 3 accident Southbound yesterday night? (July 1 2006). It blocked traffic. We were able to get around on a side road.

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