Coming Soon to Bremerton?

I’ve heard people say pay parking will be the reality someday in Bremerton, I’ve also heard people say it’s too soon.

What do you think?

Is this the right time to introduce pay parking for short visits? Or should the ongoing revitalization continue before the new parking kiosks are brought to town?

Or do you think no one should ever have to pay for a short stay downtown?

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Bremerton?

  1. I understand the City’s need to charge for parking, however I believe it’s too early for pay parking. Until downtown gets some attractions that warrant the dollars forked over for parking, areas outside of downtown have the advantage, namely free parking.

  2. Downtown needs to be a consistent draw – charging for short visits places an obstacle in the perception of potential visitors/shoppers/diners. I believe it is too soon, it is killing the goose before the golden eggs are even laid.

  3. PAY PARKING! Pay for what?
    There isn’t anything downtown to park here for and if we are to have a tunnel in our future there will be even less of a chance at having anyone linger in this town.
    Bring in travel agencies, luggage shops, motorcycle and car dealerships, marina slips and boat sales and all forms of petro. Bremerton is a town that you come into to get back out of. The ferry holds the key for all coming and going, everyone has somewhere else to be besides downtown, especially if you just got off the ferry. And if your waiting in line to leave here there are a few bars and coffee shops. Fun
    The only thing that is happening around here are the meter maids that ride around in golf carts doleing out parking tickets of $25. a pop for one hour and two hour spots. The new 1000 car garage on the corner of 5th and Park has taken alot of revenue from the parking fine industry here and you will now find that the meter maids are hungry to keep their jobs.
    So leave the car at home and jump on one of our transit buses and get the hell out of here, better yet take a foot ferry to fantasy island, which is anywhere but here. Hey, with Nascar on the way, why not?

  4. Paid parking allows for everyone to have a chance at parking in downtown Bremerton, not just the workers who arrive early in the day. I’d like to use the new downtown library and visit shops but don’t find parking available. Parking should be for customers of galleries, shops, eateries, museums and the library. Things will need to change before downtown can be successful for customers. What are we waiting for? It’s not working for customers now. Local workers and their employers should and will have to pay for parking as other workers and businesses do now with either paid parking stipends or employer provided real estate (employee parking lots).

  5. My wife and I, lately of Whatcom County, just bought a home in West Bremerton and are looking forward to moving here next month.
    It’s just a bit far to walk from our new place to the ferry and, since we plan to make regular day-trips to Seattle by foot, we were wondering how close we might find nearby street parking unrestricted by time. Suggestions anyone?
    One of things that excited us most about the move was the changes already in place downtown (new government buildings, conference center, condos, waterfront restaurant) and the plans for more improvements. The proposed ferry terminal tunnel downtown is an especially good idea. I believe that once the surface streets in that area are made to be more “people friendly” more people will come and we’ll begin to see the shops, restaurants, galleries, theater venues, and green spaces.
    We believe Bremerton to be a city with an exciting and vibrant future and it’s coming quicker than you might think. Just don’t hesitate or compromise on the plans and progress now. It’s looking good!

  6. Congratulations on a wise move… Bremerton is my birthplace and what a great place it is to live.
    Your best bet, if walking is too far… ride your bikes to the ferrydock and park them if you won’t need them on the Seattle side. The city should have safe bike parking in place now or soon.
    The city should also have cycling and walking paths in place to make Bremerton appealing to the trendy and healthy folks…most of whom will buy in the most cycle friendly towns.
    Welcome again, to a great little town!

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