Stumping for Senator in Bremerton

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike (or if you prefer, Mike!) McGavick addressed a lunch crowd Thursday in Bremerton. A few locals of note were there. Cecil McConnell of the Bremerton City Council grabbed a yard sign. Central Kitsap candidate for county commissioner Jack Hamilton was there too, as you can see in the picture.

McGavick’s visit came at a time when his campaign had just admitted it made a mistake in reporting its finances. So, fortunately or unfortunately, that’s what I asked him about. I’ll admit in hindsight I wished I would have asked about proposed cuts in the Community Development Block Grant program, since that’s what Washington’s senior senator, Democrat Patty Murray, was in town trying to save recently.

On a personal note, I love this stuff. I grew up in a politically active home and did two Washington, D.C. internships. I love the discussion of national issues. I realized that again at the McGavick event. Covering national politics would never be work for me. Living in Washington, D.C. would. I’ll stay around here, thank you very much.

5 thoughts on “Stumping for Senator in Bremerton

  1. Steve,

    So, what was McGavick’s answer to your question about campaign finances?

    Also, regarding Jack Hamilton’s shirt: according to the United States Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, The Flag, “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel” (Section 8.d) and “No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume” (Section 8.j).

    His answer was in the story. As for Hamilton’s shirt, I would guess this doesn’t fall under that code, because it’s not an actual flag. It’s hardly the first flag I’ve seen represented on clothing. Whether it’s tastefully done here, that is another issue other people can debate along with mullets and bow ties. 😉

  2. The more I look at Senator Maria Can’d-drill, the more McGavick looks positive. On the always correct NPR today was a statement that Washington Senate power is at all-time low clout: Murray ranked 45 out of 100 and Can’t-Drill ranked 95 out of 100.

    We look back on the days where we had real senators with Scoop Jackson and Warren Magnuson, liberals yes, but patriots and pro-defense during wars.

    It is time for Maria to exit stage left and with her should go Inslee.

  3. Senator Jackson and Senator Magnuson were both proud life long Democrats. You should be ashamed to mention right wing corporate lobbyist McGavick in the same sentence. McGavick is no Senator Magnuson.

  4. Hey, Jacob, you work on your shame and leave others to figure it out. Jacob, did you realise Scoop Jackson, great warrior he was, has had his bronze bust sitting in a 4th floor lounge out of sight at UW School named for him. Jackson’s political sin for spending 21 years in exodus was his valient and national security knowledgeable support of war-time WWII relocation of Japanese-American in the Western Security Zone. A group of wimpy Democrat PC’s at UW led by a band of special interest Japanese American reparationists relegate Jackson to this supreme snub. If you are so proud of Jackson — and I am even though he was a Democrat — where was your outrage at the PC fascists who besmearched all Jackson did for us.

    As to McGavick — call him what you want but he is leagues ahead of Maria Can’t-drill and her ZERO gravitas. All she has going for her is female and big hair and pandering democrat support.

    Go read the Seattle Times and PI from 3 weeks ago about this smear of Jackson. The real story is how Jackson bust came to now sit proudly at the outdoor entrance of his UW School. Trust me, it was not sqishy D’s who fought for his rehabilitation. No doubt it was part of the same conservative backlash of Pappy Boyington being denied his Medal of Honor monument at UW.

    Do your homework, Jacob and work on your own shame for being wimpy.

  5. Let’s not forget that it was a Republican who signed the law that gave Japanese Americans their due reperations. Jimmy Carter passed over it.

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