Redevelopment Kudos

Using some of the same data the Milken Institute used in February, Inc. Magazine came to the same conclusion, that Bremerton and the surrounding area constitute a boomtown. Citing job growth as one of the major factors in determining a community’s health, the magazine ranked the city 13th overall and 10th among small cities. Specifically, the magazine referenced downtown redevelopment.

But wait, there’s more . . .

Anyone interested in the future of Westpark is invited to join in the design process.

Bremerton economic types plan to address the J.C. Penney building at a meeting Thursday.

And a familiar name downtown is coming back.

2 thoughts on “Redevelopment Kudos

  1. Did these same people also report that we are considered the “Pittsburg” of the NW, having the same amount of crime?
    I have walked around this city for eight years, I’ve seen all the restaurants start up and fail and the same goes for the second hand/antique businesses.
    The banks, credit unions and realtors prosper and the Dicks Center thrives, as does the Admiral. However, since we can’t make it with small mom and pop businesses because all the ferry people want to do is get the hell out of town once off the boat, we should make our town goverment easy as well as necessary.
    Bring DSHS, BHA, VA, Social Security and others that are on the outskirts into the mix full scale. Give them the Washington Mutual building.
    Make people have to come to town. No one comes to town except to get out of town. Coming and going, thats all thats on their mind. But if they had business that could only be taken care downtown, you got em.
    Bremerton is a military strip town but in the true essense of the word strip.
    Bremerton has been striped of almost all that was here just a few short years ago. What a waste.
    Change is good but this is overkill.
    I can say that in this eight year period I have never been in harms way on the streets. There are going to be pockets anywhere but comparing us to Pittsburg, now thats abit overexagerated.

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