Monthly Archives: May 2006

Ferry Err

On May 21, a Saturday, fellow Kitsap Sun reporter Christopher Dunagan and I went to Seattle to attend the Society of Professional Journalists awards ceremony. We took the Bremerton run over and the Bainbridge boat back, but not by choice. It’s something I guess Bremertonians who’ve been here a while have learned to live with, the fact that the Washington State Ferries Bremerton schedule forces you to leave events early, go elsewhere or stay in Seattle longer than you want to.

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Wireless downtown

In preparing the story about the city preparing to offer free wireless Internet access, I decided to walk around town to see if I could find anyone on a laptop. I found Carlos Jara before I got to the end of the block. I then strolled down to Fraiche Cup and didn’t find anyone wired.

A day later Jennifer Kreifels, co-owner of the business, returned my request for a call. Fraiche offers wireless access, but Kreifels agrees with Jara that offering wireless downtown will be good for business, because it will bring more people.

Updating Your Boat Ride

If you ride the ferry much at all, you’ve noticed the boxes that look like turnstyles at the Colman Dock. They look like turnstyles because they are turnstyles, at least they will be.

The boxes are part of the ferry system’s planned migration to an electronic ticketing system. It was supposed to be in place by last fall, but apparently there were some technical difficulties, as they say. Once it actually is in place you’ll be able to buy your tickets online, at electronic kiosks, terminals, stores, or by phone. You’ll take whatever you’re buying and scan it at the turnstyle and you’ll be on your way. They’ll test the program up north before rolling it out here.

A Face in Our Future

Bremerton City Councilman Brad Gehring has been one of the chief proponents of a four-year degree possibilities for Kitsap County. Outside the Roxy Seahawks rally in early February he and I discussed his views that such a venture would help further Bremerton’s redevelopment. Colleges, he said, help attract employers offering family-wage jobs. I thought it an interesting discussion and told him I’d talk to our education reporter, Chad Lewis, about it.

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