Better Luck Next Time?

Kitsap Transit is going to put another measure on the ballot to see if local voters will agree to a sales tax increase to help pay for passenger ferry service to Seattle.

The agency’s board believes voters will be more inclined to approve the measure this time, since private ventures have failed or struggled and the state has definitively left the business.

Expect to see the ballot measure in early 2007.

2 thoughts on “Better Luck Next Time?

  1. I would like to believe that this will work fine – my only concern is that the state gets the dollars it expects out of the Snohomish and Chinook. Both vessels have propulsion plants that were ill-suited to the run the boats were on.

    Editor’s note: In fact, Hayes said the state now only expects to get about $6 million for the sale of those boats because the engines will have to be replaced.

  2. I as a taxpayer in the outlying area of the county, I would really like to see Kitsap Transit put a little more effort into serving all of the community instead of just a few. I would like a little bang for my buck. It seems to me that Kitsap Transit has lost site of its purpose. It should not be the responsibility of the county residents to provide transportation for commuters. If the state could not make it viable, and the private sector could not make it viable, what is Kitsap Transit going to do that the state and private sector could not do, besides raise taxes? No more taxes to subsidize commuters, I say!

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