Monthly Archives: April 2006

(Ob)Seen and Heard

Philippe Boucher on Bainbridge Island suggests a blog like this could be a snapshot of the community, demonstrating the personality of Bremerton.

So I thought I’d mention a few of things I saw driving and walking around town today.

A church on Trenton finally removed the grammatical error on its readerboard. If you were trying to torture a journalist, it worked.

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Holding Court

Thursday’s edition continues more news about the city’s efforts to find a new place for a court. The one place we were able to confirm is Bremerton Housing Authority property between Seventh and Eighth Streets between Warren and Park Avenues.

The latest setback with the Puget Sound Energy site made the city consider that it’sl likely it will have to find a place to run the court temporarily before it moves into whatever property it ends up buying. Roger Lubovich, city attorney, said the city may be out of the current court building (the former city hall) before the new building is ready.

Better Luck Next Time?

Kitsap Transit is going to put another measure on the ballot to see if local voters will agree to a sales tax increase to help pay for passenger ferry service to Seattle.

The agency’s board believes voters will be more inclined to approve the measure this time, since private ventures have failed or struggled and the state has definitively left the business.

Expect to see the ballot measure in early 2007.

Two Naughties, One Nice

Thursday’s newspaper contains two counts of naughtiness, with one chance for people to redeem themselves, if they’re out of jail or something.

First off, people living in a shed on a Navy Yard City property may have let their candles get out of hand and burned the shed down. There is more to this story, a bit of string for later, but first let’s get into the other news.

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