Scouting a Safer Corner

The city wants to add a lane at 11th and Warren, put in some landscaping and sell the rest of a 0.79-acre property it owns. The problem is a building built under the federal government’s Works Progress Administration in 1939 houses the offices for the Girl Scouts and Camp Fire USA. They’d like to work out a different solution with the city than one that would destroy the building and force them to move somewhere else and pay rent. Go to Traffic Fix Would Leave Kids’ Groups in Tight Spot to read the whole story.

3 thoughts on “Scouting a Safer Corner

  1. Girl Scouts and Camp Fire are certainly a worthy groups. However, a non-profits who are living rent-free in City of Bremerton property should express heartfelt thanks to Bremerton for their support to date. Instead of angling to get Bremerton to change plans on whatever they have envisioned for the property, go out to the community and see if another private individual can provide low-cost housing.

    I as a business pay rent, probably most readers pay rent. Who would argue with rent-free. However, trying to make it like a 1939 building should be saved to provide these groups rent-free solution is insulting.

    Given the private sector options, Girl Scouts and Camp Fire should hop to and make arrangements for housing and not insult the citizens of Bremerton.

    I would have thought the reporter might have made this point to but there is a strong streak of entitlement among those who have had a good deal.

  2. I’ve always loved that building, and there’s not much to love on Warren Ave.

    Let’s think creatively and imagine less automobile traffic in the future rather than more.

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