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Nothing is a given yet for the new Westpark, according to the developers. They think retail would be good and have some other ideas. You get to go to a meeting Thursday and hear a presentation let them know what you think.
The Westpark redevelopment will join Eastpark as a renewal effort taking place away from the downtown core. I do hear complaints about how much redevelopment attention is on downtown, but I also understand the reasoning for the focus.
What do you think? Should the focus be on downtown, with occasional efforts such as Eastpark and Westpark? Or should the city be spreading redevelopment around more.

And while we’re at it, are there are areas in which you wish the city was spending more money? More police? Better roads? Better parks? And how should the city get the money to do it?

6 thoughts on “Go West . . . park

  1. Interesting question, Steve; “…should the city be spreading redevelopment around more.” I have to respond with a question: can the city pick winners, or should market forces provide the necessary clues to potential success?? It appears to me that downtown redevelopment makes sense as a first priority because the traffic is there. The shipyard, government building, and ferry terminal are foci for people, and the money will follow them. East Park and West Park are residential, and a different type of development will occur depending upon how the marketplace is allowed to function in those areas. I sure hope the city doesn’t try to pick winners – government is inherently bad in that role.

  2. Those at the head of the push to revitalize the city, specifically KCCHA and the city, make the case that public (government) initiative got all of this renewal started. Picking downtown as a starting point was probably an easy choice.
    Besides, doesn’t the government (city, county) essentially pick winners through planning and zoning?

  3. I don’t know if the government picks winners through planning and zoning as much as they provide opportunities for capital to be deployed.
    I would mostly agree with your first statement – as a long-term commuter, you could just see the impact of the new Transportation Center occurring once it opened. Its building and the subsequent conference center construction opened up additional opportunities for private capital.
    As a counter, I would venture to say that government was in the way of renewal for many years, and it was a change in attitude brought to the mayor’s office by Lynn Horton that set the stage for what we are seeing now.

  4. Bremerton is part of a current national trend of cities reclaiming their waterfronts. The fact that we have a spectacular waterfront in our downtown is our strongest civic assest. Mr. Goldberg and other private investers realized this and bought undervalued waterfront just waiting for the times to catch up. Now new companies are filling the gaps. Like Don Hodun mentioned, it was already underway with Mayor Horton. Downtown gets the attention not because it is “downtown,” but because it is our community’s treasured waterfront. Waterfront no longer means industrial, as it did for so long (just consider what Evergreen Park used to be). Downtown is a relatively small area with little infill, and so success there will spill to other areas of Bremerton.

  5. Westparks 600 low income residents being pushed out to where? 1000 new homes and apartments will be built in there place of which 250 units will be for low income residents. The Tides#1 26 residents replaced by 66 condominiums, how many of them will be for low income? Where did all these people go? There is no more West Park or East Park where one might qualify. The Chester was remodeled but thats not downtown. Warren and 8th will soon be replaced. Please inform me of the housing for the homeless and low income residents of Bremerton that are being cast out because the waterfront is just too good to waste on the likes of people that have no where else to call home.
    No one is going to kick out hundreds of residents, bulldoze down the buildings and build us condos or anything even close. The low income and homeless people are lucky to get any leftovers (foodbanks) (shelters) (homeless camps) thats what we know and for that we Are Thankful but don’t you think enough is enough?
    I forgot to mention the new mens shelter, again its not downtown but stuck out in someones neighborhood.

    Now we are going to have a swanky motel on 4th Street.
    Remember this, we haven’t always been where we are at in this life now, you could be breaking bread with me tomorrow.
    Please enlighten me.

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