More Rooms With a View

Our Friday front page has the story of the newly planned condo/hotel complex.
The KCCHA folks had been talking about this hotel idea for some time, going so far as to tell me how many rooms would be in the space for a previous story about hotel demand.
The Kitsap Credit Union will open soon. The buildings along Pacific near the shipyard are coming down and making way for a park.
The public conversations about the old JC Penney building that’s now a parking lot generating cash for Olympic College have given little sign of movement. Don’t be surprised, however, if the conversations don’t start changing. Its location and currrent appearance make the building an attention target, especially now that the waterfront is pretty well locked up.

4 thoughts on “More Rooms With a View

  1. With all of this bulding downtown,I really think that some kind of grocery store should be opened up somewhere close to downtown.

    As someone who lives close to downtown (by O.C) it would be really convienient for us that live in this area to have a store a little closer.

    Just my two cents worth 🙂

  2. It would be nice to see a grocery store downtown, however I don’t believe there are enough people downtown to help sustain one. Maybe after both Harborside Condo phases, the 400’s, and possibly after the marina is expanded would I expect to see a grocery store.

  3. Yes,that what I was thinking.Perhaps the old bank across from the post office on Pacific Ave.would be a good spot for a larger store.

  4. When Peter Calthorpe came to town way-back-when to give Bremerton the “blueprint” to redevelopment, he originally envisioned a grocery store on that 6th and Pacific corner.

    Steve-when you met with Westsound Bank months ago, did they mention any plans for that location?

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