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    Apparently on Bainbridge all it takes to draw wild fire is to disagree with the “Our- Island group-think on history, culture, free speech, arts or politics. This was especially true over agenda-based school curicula (the nationally notorious Sakai curriculum), Superintendent Crawford failing to act forthrightly and implement his written policy on contorversial curriculum, a teacher with child-porn on BISD official computer taking movies of the boys (Blue Velvet BI), Mayor Kodonowy stealing political signs, and using political signs during a mayoral race. The list is long but in each instance the the fringe of the island responds with brittleness, nastiness, censorship and personal attacks.

    If the anonymous poster Mr. Gardner refers to in his post has enough attention span, he/she/it needs to listen to the podcast. The listener will hear a clear indictment of the failure of BISD #303 to be straight with the public on this $51M levy/bond submittal. As I have written in articles in the Sun, Review and Bainbridge Islander, BISD has been long on the PR and short on the facts. Give the articles a read and listen to the podcast. And yes, Mr. Gardner is correct that I do have no small amount of criticism for his paper for their sitting on stories or doing PR pass-through pieces and editorals. Messrs. Levi and Ware looked uncomfortable hearing the Emporer has no clothes but they were at least man enough to offer the forum.

    On our green isle of non-diversity and group think, the fact that an anonymous poster whines to Mr. Gardner is telling. If that whiner feels left out, do something about it. Get in the ring and off their duff to and write a column, speak at a forum, plant a political signs, write a novel or make a movie — do something other than whine.

    The Sun is commended for offering an opportunity in opposition to the $51.1M levy/bond. There has been a dearth of people writing about the fiscal-conservative side of the argument on this $51.1M proposal. After the last general election and the meltdown this island went though on candidates and respecting political free speech, it is any wonder that people become afraid to speak out. Our Island needs to go back to civic-re-education classes about political,historical and cultural diversity.

    Kudos to the Sun, the owners and editors for their podcast. My sympathies to the anonymous writer who wants to hide behind Steve Gardner.

    And Mr. Gardner, you might compare my work to Patrick Henry, Judge Bork or the dreaded Scalia. Jerry Rubin — not sure on that one. Hey Steve, “Steal this book.” JMO

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