That headline was the equivalent of shouting, I know. I hope your Internet ears will stop ringing soon.
My exultation comes from the release of the Feb. 2-8 print edition of the ONION.
In it there is a news brief datelined in our very own Bremerton.
You can read the story yourself by clicking on Vegetarian Can’t Bring Self To Eat IHOP’s Funny Face Pancakes.
Seriously, does it get any bigger for a community than to have a story in the Onion? Probably not. It’s the print and online version of The Daily Show.
OK, maybe it’s not that big a deal, but just to add more civic pride let me mention that a search on the Onion site revealed Bremerton has been the location for news briefs six times since 1999. Port Orchard? Poulsbo? Bainbridge Island? ZERO!!! Take that you other Kitsapers.

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