Misdemeanor – Life Decisions

Adam Brockus, Bremerton City Councilman, was charged with misdemeanor obstruction of a law enforcement officer. The other charges police had originally suggested were not part of the county prosecutor’s list Thursday.
Brockus issued a written statement Thursday. The text is below.

From Adam Brockus:
For immediate release: Thursday 1/5

Brockus makes statement after court appearance

BREMERTON – Adam C. Brockus, the Bremerton City Councilman who was arrested yesterday issues the following statement:

My family faced a challenge with member with a history of mental illness. I have made mistakes in allowing it to get this far, but the good news is that our family is intact and my sister is getting the professional help she needed. I am glad that the Domestic Violence charge was found to be without merit. I fully support the Bremerton Police Policy on Domestic Disturbances, and I had faith that the system will find a just ending.

I plan to make myself available to my constituents later this month for their questions and concerns, but for now, I need to make some life decisions with my fiancée Jill who has just arrived this afternoon from New York. May God bless all families when they find a time of crisis.

After reading his statement I returned an e-mail:
Thank you for the statement. I’m reading into this that you’re taking a break from city council duties for a few weeks? Or am I misreading that?

In terms of making life decisions, does that include your council position?

Brockus responded:
All of your questions are those I will be figuring out in the next few days with Jill.

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