UPDATED – Some Kind of News Day

An accused murderer got convicted. We were waiting for the outcome on that.
The mayor, the judge and four City Council members were sworn in. That one was scheduled.
Cecil McConnell was elected council president. We knew someone was going to get picked.
A new City Councilman was arrested. This was out of the blue.

Bremerton City Councilman Adam Brockus was not charged with domestic violence Thursday and pleaded not guilty in Kitsap County District Court to a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a law enforcement officer.
The charge stems from an incident Wednesday in which police responded to a call of a mental health concern for one of Brockus’ relatives.
Brockus issued a written statement late Thursday stating his family has had a challenge of dealing with a family member with a history of mental illness. “I have made mistakes in allowing it to get this far, but the good news is that our family is intact and my sister is getting the professional help she needed,” he wrote.
According to police Brockus twice physically prevented an officer from approaching others involved, once by pushing the officer back and the second time by raising his arms in a hallway to block her.
Brockus also wrote that he would be working with his fiancee over the next next several days to consider some life decisions, later acknowledging that included his council position.
As pointed out in the Kitsap Sun’s story, Brockus was sworn in Dec. 28. Wednesday’s swearing-in would have been nothing more than a ceremony for him had he attended.
Wednesday night the council met after its regular meeting to discuss committee assignments. Council members have until next Friday to let their preferences be known. If there’s anything preventing Brockus from taking part in any of that, it hasn’t surfaced yet.

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