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New Poll: Who should run the Winslow water utility?

The future of the Winslow water utility has become one of the key debates in at least two of the four City Council races this year.

Candidates David Ward and Steve Bonkowski want to transfer the utility to the Poulsbo-based Kitsap Public Utility District, which has estimated it can cut water rates by 45 percent.

Incumbent Barry Peters (who faces Bonkowski in the race for the At-Large position) and Central Ward candidate Joe Levan (who is facing Ward) want to retain the utility, saying local control over water resources is preferable.

Local control supporters have also expressed concern that transferring the water utility may drive up sewer rates because the shared resources with the water utility would disappear.

The City Council is moving toward an initial 25 percent rate reduction, with more cuts planned in the near future. Read more about that in this story.

Peters is proposing that the city cut rates down to the level that KPUD is proposing.

But proponents of the transfer say the much smaller Winslow water utility can’t keep a high level of service if it cuts rates as low as KPUD.

So, what do you think? Head over to the right column (below the Facebook link) to cast your vote.

For the results of the last poll, head below.

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