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VIDEO: How Bainbridge cut its energy use

RePower Bainbridge from Climate Solutions on Vimeo.

Bainbridge’s efforts to curb energy use was highlighted in a video produced by Olympia-based Climate Solutions.

In it, former councilwoman Hilary Franz describes the RePower Bainbridge campaign and its success in getting residents to boost home energy efficiency.

Climate Solutions also highlighted similar efforts in Bellevue and Libby, Montana through their Solutions Stories video series.

VIDEO: Big green development taking shape in Winslow

King 5 News has a story about Grow Community, a large housing development set to take shape along Wyatt Way and Grow Avenue.

It’s aim is to be fully solar powered and to foster an earth-friendly lifestyle that’s oriented toward walking, cycling and growing food.

I had a story about it earlier this month, which you can read here.

Unlike most big developments on Bainbridge, Grow Community has drawn little criticism (so far). At a recent public meeting, most of the concerns were about traffic impacts. The development’s designers gave assurances that they’d actually be improving the area’s transportation infrastructure by adding sidewalks and bike lanes along Wyatt and Grow.

Grow Community will begin building an eventual 137 homes in May.

VIDEO: Bainbridge police chief discusses shooting death

Above is crime reporter Josh Farley’s video of the press conference Bainbridge Police Chief Jon Fehlman gave at noon today.

For more about last night’s incident, in which police shot and killed an ax-wielding Bainbridge man, head over to our updated story.

Last night’s incident marks the fifth time this year that police on the Kitsap Peninsula have resorted to lethal force. Read more about this year’s police shootings at Josh’s blog.

Fehlman wasn’t sure when Bainbridge police last shot a suspect. It has likely been several years, he said.

TV in the newspaper

The Kitsap Sun is arming its photographers and reporters with cameras these days. That’s old news for folks that live on the mighty mainland, where everything from windy weather to school board meetings have been captured by Sun videographers. Lately, though, Sun photographer Carolyn Yaschur has made treks across Agate Pass with her camcorder in hand.

Here’s Carolyn’s video tour of Bainbridge High School’s new earth-friendly 200 Building:

And here’s a nice little piece on Sunday’s mochi festival:

You can read my stories about the 200 Building here, and my coverage of the mochi festival here.