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BPA’s Macbeth is a ‘bummer worth watching’

Bainbridge Performing Arts’ production of ‘Macbeth’ is a gloomy, murky, heavy – sometimes blustery – bummer worth watching. Read the Kitsap Sun’s review below.

LOCAL THEATER: BPA’s ‘Macbeth’ ‘Lays On’ Thick, Indeed
By Michael C. Moore

“Macbeth” is, arguably, the darkest of all William Shakespeare’s tragedies, and the most intense.

Indeed, apart from the appearance of the drunken Porter prior to the intermission, there’s very little comic intensification — the tale of a Scottish kingdom come acropper is heavy, heavy stuff from start to finish.

You certainly get that in director Steven Fogell’s production for Bainbridge Performing Arts, which began its two-week pre-Halloween run Oct. 16. It is an intense, program-twisting, teeth-gnashing experience. Fogell wrings out Shakespeare’s cautionary tale of the corruptive power of power for its every particle of pathos.

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