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Thanksgiving leftovers for Christmas

Well, I guess I need to check BITV more often.

I just ran into the station’s B News Thanksgiving special. It’s a combination of cooking show and tour of local farms all pulled under the theme of how to craft a gourmet feast using only Bainbridge-grown ingredients.

Lots of familiar faces and foods make their way onto the screen: Betsey Wittick and her garlic, Gerard Bentryn and his wine, and Max from Tani Creek Farm dropping off some of his heirloom greens.

IslandWood chef Jeff White cooks it all up before the cameras.

Much of the food is still available, even during these seemingly lifeless winter days, so the show is worth a watch, especially if you need help dreaming up a Christmas spread.

See the show online here. An archive of B News shows can be found here.

And check out the Bainbridge Farmers Market, which lasts until Dec. 20, here.

Generosity almost a mile long

The procession of cheering, sign-waving kids stretched almost the entire mile separating Ordway Elementary School from the Helpline House food bank.

Snaking along Madison Avenue, the students beat on drums, smiled at motorists and lugged backpacks full of donated food.

“This feels good because I know it will make other people happy for Thanksgiving,” said third-grader Ellie Devries as she hauled cans of cranberry sauce, olives and soup along with about 400 other students from every Ordway classroom.

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Marshall: Giving thanks that this election is over

As we enter the month for giving thanks, Islander columnist Becky Fox Marshall says she’s thankful that the long feast of election politics is done.

My timing is simply lousy. Because of immutable details like deadlines and press runs, I write this two days before the election, and nearly three weeks before Thanksgiving.

And now I don’t even know what time it is, because we reverted back to Standard Time this weekend and I don’t recall which clocks I adjusted.

I do know it’s too late for politicking – and surely we’re all weary from having politics in our faces for months – and too soon for holiday reflections – although surely we’re all excited about stuffing turkey in our faces for a night or two.

Suspended as I am between great hope and deep fear, between Daylight Savings and Standard times, there is no alternative but to consider, regardless of the outcome of the election, that for which I am grateful. So here it goes.

I am grateful for all the people who got me through the last few months – that includes my family and dear friends and coworkers, and especially Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I’ve spent enough time with these people to consider them family – and I’m going to miss them!

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