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Wilderness a few feet from the shore

Mark Powell, whom I profiled today in this story, is swimming around Bainbridge to, in part, get a better sense of his island home.

Wearing a snorkel and goggles, he takes in the undersea scenery a mile or so at a time.

While the swim makes him feel closer to the place he lives, it also takes him far away.

“Bainbridge is not a pristine wilderness area, but 10 feet off the shore it’s more pristine than anywhere on land,” he told me before sliding into Blakely Harbor last week. “When I get in the water, I get that wilderness feel.”

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She can swim…but can she dance?

You may have heard of Emily Silver. You may have heard she is quite the swimmer. Maybe you even saw her on television winning an Olympic medal in Beijing. “Not bad,” you might have thought. But the burning question remained: Can she dance? More specifically, can she disco dance to ABBA in golden bell bottoms?

Silver answered that question Thursday, and the Sun was there to cover it. Click here for the Kitsap Sun’s multimedia coverage of Silver’s triumphant return to Bainbridge High School, including a story, a video (with dancing), and a slideshow of her Beijing exploits.

If that’s not enough Silver, click here for a story in today’s paper about Silver’s nomination for a top swimming honor.