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BI company can help you become an “ecofriendly soccer fan”

Source: Fair Trade Sports
Source: Fair Trade Sports

The soccer website Goal.com included Bainbridge Island’s Fair Trade Sports in its guide “How To Be An Ecofriendly Soccer Fan.”

Goal’s first step: “Use a friendlier ball.”

“Based in Bainbridge Island, Washington, Fair Trade Sports was the first company to start selling certified fair trade soccer balls in the United States.

…The balls come with the word RESPECT printed on them and are decent quality, too. They’re not hand-stitched leather Aztecas, circa 1986, but their synthetic leather exterior makes it good enough for banging around in the park on Sundays.”

The balls are also union-made, eco-certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and free of animal products.

I wrote a story about Fair Trade Sports back in the day. Read it (again) here.