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Bainbridge school district posts configuration survey

blog.school.configThe Bainbridge Island School District is seeking input on school configuration with an online survey. The district held a series of well-attended public meetings in May on the topic of a potential grade reconfiguration and school closure. The survey is intended to solicit opinions from the broader community.

A School Configuration Committee was convened last fall to examine reconfiguration as a way of cutting costs and maintaining educational programs in the face of declining enrollment and tightening budgets. The committee, which includes district staff, community members and school board representatives, recently decided to hold off on making a recommendation until 2014. 

Materials from the committee’s study sessions and the public meetings are available on the district website.


Lack of housing is the island’s toughest community challenge

A recent social and health services survey ranks affordable housing as the biggest problem on Bainbridge Island.

Polling various service providers and over 600 residents, the Bainbridge Health, Housing and Human Services Council found that the issue of affordable housing – for buyers, renters and seniors needing special care – had the largest gap between the perceived need and the community’s perceived ability to meet that need. For more information on the housing portion of the survey, read my story by clicking here.

Housing, while identified as the biggest problem, was only part of what the survey had to say.

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