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Winslow Way and the Way Winslow became Suquamish

The ‘big dig’ is almost here
Believe it or not, but the Winslow Way reconstruction project is less than six weeks away.

Work on the street’s utility poles will begin this month. Crews will tear into Winslow Way by the middle of March.

For more about the project, and the small hiccup in its public relations stragegy, head over here.

Ravine rescue
The Bainbridge man was rescued from an Eagledale ravine this week. No big deal, but the TV news helicopters that came to catch the action sure did spark a lot of interest, especially because a body had washed up on Bainbridge the last time the heli-swarm descended on the island. The gentleman in the ravine was just fine, by the way, and so was his dog.

Ferry reform
Kitsap’s state legislators want to create a panel to reform the ferry system. The bill calls for a system-wide repair plan by next December.

“Serious declines in the amount and reliability of ferry service in recent years have damaged the economic vitality of many ferry communities. For these businesses and working families, recovering from the current severe recession depends on the rapid restoration of better ferry service,” the bill said.

Wall Street whoops
The Wall Street Journal had a nice article about the local geoduck industry yesterday.

The Journal uncovered a key fact that many of us here have failed to recognize: the Suquamish tribe’s 700 members live on Bainbridge Island.

I’m not sure how the reservation’s expansion could have passed under our noses without so much as a public meeting, a workshop or a charette, but I think we can expect the island to get a lot more exciting. Perhaps a Clearwater Casino satellite location in Island Gateway? Maybe a Benny’s Jets fireworks stand stretching across Winslow Green?

Suquamish Tribe diversifying its economic base

The Suquamish Tribe’s reliance on the Clearwater Casino for revenue has shrunk over recent years as new business enterprises have taken shape on the reservation. And more economic diversification is on the way, said the CEO of the tribe’s business wing at a Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Wednesday.

Russell Steele said the Clearwater’s profits made up 92 percent of the tribe’s business revenue in 2001. Today, the casino makes up only 68 percent of the revenue.

An on the horizon is an expansion of the Agate Pass Business Park, a larger retail division and improvements in downtown Suquamish.

Read Angela Lu’s coverage of Steele’s talk here.