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Stranger declares Bainbridge “Brothel Island”

Wow, only a few hours after posting my story on Bainbridge Police’s discovery of a brothel operating on Bainbridge, the Stranger’s Slog blog put up a post entitled “Brothel Island.”

Here’s what one Slog commenter had to say about the clumsy clients who knocked on the wrong doors and crept through the wrong yards in search of the brothel:

The dumba**es who ruined everything by drunkenly stumbling (I’m taking a wild guess here) through the brothel’s neighborhood should be publicly flogged by the responsible johns who just lost their good thing.

The Stranger weighs in on the Bainbridge prostitution sting

Bainbridge got Slogged.

The Stranger’s blog, the Slog, gave its two cents on the now-infamous arrest of four prostitutes at an island hotel this week.

After grabbing a big quote from my post on the arrests, Slogger Brendan Kiley had this to say:

Kitsap blogs are freaking out (“What the?? Prostitution here?”)—but bedding down with lawyers and lobbyists in trade for cash, cars, and a nice vacation home is a hallowed Bainbridge tradition. They call it marriage.

Oh snap.