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Sherman rewards 12th man’s sportsmanship


After the Seahawks pulled off an awe-inspiring win against the Packers, 12th man PJ LeDorze gave his Sherman Seahawks jersey to a 13-year-old Packers fan who had been harassed by other Seahawks fans during the game.

LeDorze, a Bainbridge Island alumnus, found his picture with the boy in the local Seattle news after the boy’s family tried to track him down and thank him once again.

The story eventually caught Richard Sherman’s attention. Now Sherman is tracking down LeDorze to offer him a signed jersey to replace the one he gave away.

“This is awesome. PJ showing why the 12th man are the best fans in the league! Must have been hard for that kid, but now he won’t ever want to forget that moment. Much respect 12s, you never disappoint,” Sherman said on his website.

BI’s dominance of offbeat sports continues

Not too long ago, an islander emerged as the fastest samurai sword-swinger in all the land.

More recently, an islander became the nation’s top-ranked cyclocross rider.

Bainbridge Island’s dominance over offbeat sports continues. Place your bets now on whether an islander will soon reign over jai alai, korfball, curling, hurling or sweep the Eskimo Olympics.

For now, bask in cyclocross champion Zach McDonald’s glory. See photos and read about his offroad exploits in John Becerra’s story.