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Senior center reconstruction plan is “out the door”

Plans to replace the Bainbridge senior center with a new $9 million dollar facility have fizzled out.

“It’s out the door,” said Tom Kilbane, a senior center member who has long championed the reconstruction.

Rather than push for a new multi-use, two story facility, senior center members are asking the city to help them make basic improvements on the existing building.

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Senior center contract delayed…again

The City Council’s back-and-forth over what to do with the proposed senior center redevelopment is starting to make the island’s seniors a little dizzy.

In just over a month, the council has moved the project’s design contract forward, then back, then forward, and then back.

“Oh my gosh. It’s frustrating,” senior center president Don Fisher said after the council opted last week to not approve the contract until the project’s scope and cost are reassessed.

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