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City may want a cut of Chamber parking revenues

The City Council is taking a hard look at a 15-year-old program that has allowed downtown’s workers to park on city-owned land for a very low rate.

The problem is not so much the program but the fact that the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce gets to keep all the money.

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School parking fee hike causes bus ridership spike

Not sure if the buses got this bad, but Bainbridge students did have to get cozy during the first days of school.

Looks like a very, very large parking fee increase at the high school may have caused the record-breaking busing boom.

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While you’re at it, check out island mom/blogger Tamara Sellman’s post on the district’s overcrowded buses. Sellman believes increasing bus ridership may lead to good things, including fewer “mommy chauffeurs and ‘greener’ kids.”

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