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Parent-child center finds a new home

The KidsUp! Parent Child Center has found a new home.

After closing over two years ago, the island’s parenting HQ is set to reopen in mid-July on the second floor of the Pavilion.

“We are very excited about this location being so close to the movie theater and fabulous restaurants where parents will be able to order up lunch while their children play,” said Carissa Barbee, who led the effort to revive the PCC.

Barbee said the new PCC will feature:

– Indoor play space for children up to the age of nine.
– Outdoor area with sand and water play places.
– On-site parent coaches.
– Parenting resource library.
– Lending closet.
– Car seat safety checks.
– Parent social area.
– Community room for birthday parties and classes.

A similar center – the Peacock Playtime – opened late last year in Rolling Bay.

I wrote about the effort to reestablish the PCC back in February. You can read that story here.

Mother-of-two Debbie Menagh said then that the old PCC was a life-changer.

“It was a place to go in the pouring-down rain and get a coffee and talk with other moms who are going through the hectic life you’re going through,” she said. “I met some of my best friends on the island there. My kids still play with the kids we met there.”

For more information about the PCC and KidsUp!, visit kidsup.org.

Reviving “the center for all things children”

A group of moms in the island’s KidsUp! group are trying to rally support to help bring back a popular nonprofit center for kids and parents.

The old Parent Child Center boasted drop-in family counseling, an indoor play area, a parenting library and a place for moms to hang out, compare notes, tell war stories and sip coffee.

A parent fair is taking place Saturday to raise money and draw in more volunteers for the effort. It’s 10 to 4 p.m. at Woodward Middle School. See below for more info.

While rebuilding the PCC is tough enough on its own, keeping it filled with supportive moms and kids may also be a challenge. KidsUp! had been working under the assumption that as many as 400 families visited the PCC each month. This week, they found that the PCC drew 400 visits a month rather than families. It’s likely that many visits were from repeat users.

Adding to the cloudy forecast is Helpline House, the PCC’s former financial backer. Helpline records show that only about 30 families a month were visiting PCC before it closed two years ago, and most families stopped by only twice a month. KidsUp! isn’t sure Helpline’s numbers are solid, and Helpline is skeptical of the KidsUp! estimates.

Turnout at the parent fair could be an indicator of the current level of interest for a new PCC. KidsUp! is trying to raise up to $100,000 to support the new PCC. Read about their effort and about what the old PCC meant to the moms who used it here.