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Viesturs makes seventh trip to Everest’s summit

Ed Viesturs on the summit of Mansulu, 1999. www.edviesturs.com
Ed Viesturs on the summit of Mansulu, 1999. www.edviesturs.com
Bainbridge Islander and renowned mountaineer Ed Viesturs climbed to the summit of Mount Everest for the seventh time early Tuesday morning.

“Conditions were good. The weather was almost perfect. You could see forever,” he said in a radio dispatch while descending the world’s tallest peak.

Viesturs, who turns 50 next month, recently reached a 16-year goal of climbing the world’s 14 highest mountains without the use of supplemental oxygen. He became the first American and the fifth person in the world to do so.

His Seattle-based team climbed through the night to reach the 29,000-foot summit at 8:30 a.m. Nepal time.

The round trip from their base camp at 26,000 feet to the summit was about 14 hours.

“It could have been a lot quicker had we not been dealing with traffic problems,” Viesturs said, referring to a glut of other climbing teams near summit. “The only drawback, in my opinion, was the traffic that we had to deal with. A lot of bottlenecks. A lot of just standing around really going nowhere, but that’s pretty much what you sign up for these days.”

Viesturs plans to recuperate at base camp and then spend a few days descending the mountain.

“We’re going to spend the night again here at camp,” he said. “We’re pretty hammered. We don’t have the energy.”

You can track Viesturs climb at http://blog.firstascent.com