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Police blotter: “You’ll see it in the Kitsap Sun”

During five visits to City Hall in one day, an elderly man – who was apparently frustrated about a development project he was working on – made unsettling comments about his guns and whether or not City Hall had police protection. When city staff asked him what he was talking about, the man replied: “You’ll see it in the Kitsap Sun.”

I’ve been scanning the headlines, but have yet to see our coverage of the angry man’s exploits. Stay tuned.

Also this week, Bainbridge police make good with a new “zero tolerance” policy on that hallowed Bainbridge tradition – Paint Night. The BIPD busted a crew of nighttime painters who were planning to decorate the high school water tower.

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Go get some Sun in the sun

When I first saw this Kitsap Sun headline….

“Too Few Soaking Up the Sun’s Vital Nutrient”

….I thought it was referring to how declining newspaper readership is preventing people from getting enough brain-boosting Vitamin J (ournalism).

Nope. It was actually referring to that other sun, the one that shines behind that thick wall of clouds overhead. At this very moment, though, the sun does shine, making today a very good day to power down the ‘puter, grab a few nickels for the newspaper machine, go outside and get a simulations infusion of the Sun and sun.