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VIDEO: Bainbridge police chief discusses shooting death

Above is crime reporter Josh Farley’s video of the press conference Bainbridge Police Chief Jon Fehlman gave at noon today.

For more about last night’s incident, in which police shot and killed an ax-wielding Bainbridge man, head over to our updated story.

Last night’s incident marks the fifth time this year that police on the Kitsap Peninsula have resorted to lethal force. Read more about this year’s police shootings at Josh’s blog.

Fehlman wasn’t sure when Bainbridge police last shot a suspect. It has likely been several years, he said.

New chief likes the island’s quiet nights

Recently sworn-in Bainbridge Island Police Chief Jon Fehlman recently shared a few thoughts about his new job with his hometown newspaper, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Former Santa Rosa Police Lt. Jon Fehlman just became chief of the police department in Washington’s City of Bainbridge Island.

“I go a half block from my office and look across the water at Seattle,” he said. “My phone rings a lot during the day but my wife appreciates that it doesn’t ring at night.”

Though Jon misses Sonoma County, it helps that he can go to any number of the island’s nice restaurants and order a bottle of it.

For more on Fehlman’s promotion, and his vision for the department, click here.

Bainbridge isn’t trading police for sheriff’s deputies any time soon


There’s been some rumors circulating that the city may eliminate the Bainbridge Island Police Department and contract with the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office for routine patrols and all other law enforcement matters.

According to Interim Police Chief Jon Fehlman, the rumors are just that.

“That’s just the rumor mill,” he said today. “I don’t want to add credence to a rumor so I’m not going to address it.”

Fehlman said there has been no talk between the BIPD, the city or the county on the possibility of swapping police for deputies.

The idea has been floated by some residents and a few City Council members who are trying to find ways to make big cuts to fit a rapidly shrinking budget.

The sheriff’s office confirmed this week that they’ve received a few calls from island residents who’d like to explore the possibility of having deputies patrol the island again (as they did before the island incorporated in the early 1990s).

“There have been some inquiries made, by a number of citizens of (Bainbridge), to determine if the sheriff would be available to discuss law enforcement issues,” sheriff’s office spokesman Scott Wilson told Kitsap Sun crime reporter Josh Farley.

While the sheriff is open to talk, his deputies have plenty to keep them busy without patrolling the island’s 28 square miles and serving its 24,000 residents.

“A challenge would certainly be presented to us if KCSO was asked to assist Bainbridge Island with law enforcement responsibilities,” Sheriff Steve Boyer wrote in an email sent by Wilson. “It is not, as some might perceive, empire building… we’ve got enough on our plate as it is. But if it would result in a beneficial change for the citizens of the county, then I would be enthusiastic about undertaking such a challenge.”

Fehlman said the BIPD has one of the fastest emergency response times in the county. He declined to speculate how response times or other matters might be affected if the department his replaced.

What do you think? Would you rather cut costs and depend on deputies, or keep the island’s own force intact? Vote on the Bainbridge Conversation’s new blog poll over to the right.

The new deputy chief says ‘hi’

Jon Fehlman, the BIPD’s new deputy chief, was treated to a not-so-warm welcome on the online comments section of my story about his hiring.

Some comments questioned the need for his position. Others were critical of the BIPD for not hiring from within the department. One raised the issue of his California-ness.

Looks like they’ve got the internet down in Santa Rosa, and that Fehlman surfs it.

He posted a response today. Read it below.

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