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VIDEO: How Bainbridge cut its energy use

RePower Bainbridge from Climate Solutions on Vimeo.

Bainbridge’s efforts to curb energy use was highlighted in a video produced by Olympia-based Climate Solutions.

In it, former councilwoman Hilary Franz describes the RePower Bainbridge campaign and its success in getting residents to boost home energy efficiency.

Climate Solutions also highlighted similar efforts in Bellevue and Libby, Montana through their Solutions Stories video series.

Franz: Bainbridge must change its energy consumption

Councilwoman Hilary Franz submitted a guest column urging energy conservation to avert the need for a new power substation on the island. Her column is below.


This week, Puget Sound Energy held a public meeting at the Bainbridge Commons to discuss a proposed substation and transmission lines for Bainbridge Island.  As they shared at the meeting, PSE is bound by the electrical needs of our community. Due to the growth of our Island’s power demand, PSE is forecasting that they will need to begin the construction of a new power transmission substation as early as 2011.

I believe that our island is in the position of delaying or averting the installation of the proposed 25 MVA substation in 2011.  To get there, however, will take the commitment of all of our community to energy efficiency, changing energy usage habits, and alternative energy. It will require approximately 1 to 2 MW per year reduction in our peak demand. PSE announced at the meeting that they are willing to work with the community and develop ways in which conservation may be used to meet this ambitious goal. We should take them up on this offer.

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