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Exhibit: Port Blakely graffiti artists’ ever-changing canvas


This week is your last chance to see island photographer Philip Meadow’s Port Blakely mill exhibit at Cafe Trios.

Meadows, a transplant from the U.K., was quite taken by the ever-changing canvas that the old lumber mill building has become. For years, graffiti artists have created overlapping images on the walls, ceiling and floor of the crumbling concrete structure at the center of Port Blakely Park.

Meadows’ exhibit features huge images and 360 degree panorama shots of the artwork spraypainted on the building’s interior.

He’s looking for a new place to show the exhibit. You can reach him here, and check out his online gallery (here) and blog (here).

Here’s what Meadows had to say about the exhibit in a recent post:

The mill was shut down in 1922 and over time, the mill’s buildings were destroyed. All that remains of Port Blakely mill today is the old generator building which has become a canvas for graffiti artists and a playground for BMX and skateboard riders. Although some people may find these activities to be somewhat unfitting use for such a piece of history, it has to be said that the young people that are attracted to this location remain respectful in their own way.

Philip Meadows, self-portrait
Philip Meadows, self-portrait