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The day the music died

The Glass Onion record store was one of the first places Adam Haney visited after an 11-year absence from Bainbridge Island.

A lot has changed, the 35-year-old said while perusing the sale racks, but at least his old record store is as it was when he left it.

Jeff Crawford is still at the register; ready to impart his best-album-of-the-year picks or slip his regulars loaner copies of rare recordings. Old vinyl records — the Beatles, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra — still crowd the walls, competing with flashy posters of new bands that come and go.

“I grew up on the island and used to come here,” Haney said. “I came back to the island four months ago. It’s kinda cool this place is still here.”

Still here, that is, until Saturday.

The Glass Onion, Kitsap County’s last independent record store, will close its doors for good at the end of the day, capping a 17-year life span that began in the era of Grunge on cassette tape and ended as more consumers sought the latest American Idol release on the Internet.

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