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Employees accept 10-day City Hall closure

It’s official. City Hall will lock its doors an extra 10 days next year. The cost savings, according to the city, means fewer employees will be dragged on to the chopping block.

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City employees voted Tuesday night to accept a plan to close City Hall 10 extra days next year.

The unpaid furlough proposal developed by the city administration and endorsed by the City Council as a cost-cutting measure to help avoid layoffs.

The furlough will shut down City Hall for 10 nonconsecutive days in 2009.

The Bainbridge Island Police Department will not be affected by the furlough.

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, the union representing most city staff, approved the furlough by a vote of 77 percent, according to the city. Almost 80 union members participated in the decision, which required a participation minimum of 30 percent.

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Ten-day City Hall closure approved

The City Council this morning approved a 10-day City Hall closure agreement with the city workers’ union.

The nonconsecutive furlough days are expected to save the city about $370,000 next year, and will help the city stave off another round of job cuts. Employees will receive no pay during furlough.

“This is the creative kind of problem-solving we need,” Councilwoman Hilary Franz said after the agreement was unanimously approved.

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