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Bainbridge has the electric cars, Port Orchard will have the chargers

The city of Port Orchard is moving ahead with plans to install electric vehicle charging stations in its downtown.

Meanwhile on Bainbridge, where over half of the county’s 22 registered electric vehicles are parked, similar plans have stalled.

Bainbridge City Engineer Chris Wierzbicki says designs for the downsized and delayed Winslow Way project include pre-wiring for charging stations, but that the city lacks funding to install them.

Read more about Port Orchard’s efforts to support EV technology HERE, in South Kitsap reporter Chris Henry’s story.

Bainbridge Island’s homegrown electric car business


A Bainbridge man is hard at work developing a prototype three-wheeled electric that that could one day deliver your mail or your next parking ticket.

Here’s a snippet from Rachel Pritchett’s story about Bob Fraik’s island-grown Evergreen Electromotive.

He is aiming to sell his three-wheeled electric utility vehicles to government and corporate fleets.

They could be used by parking enforcers or university security. Throw a platform on them and they could be used by park workers. Put a box on them and they become delivery vehicles for pizza and groceries. Attach a hopper and they turn into small garbage-collectors.

Read the full story here.

Economic summit touts BI’s green businesses

Two Bainbridge-based businesses were held up as the future of economic development at a Kitsap business summit on Thursday.

One business is the maker of the electric car you see above. Founded in 2007, Evergreen Electromotive has developed a prototype hatchback aimed at easing car drivers’ impact on the environment and lessening dependence on foreign oil.

The other island business highlighted at the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance summit was The Works, which has produced a prototype low-emission catalytic converter for pleasure boats.

Read Sun business reporter Rachel Pritchett’s coverage of the summit here.