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Barry Peters announces City Council re-election bid

UPDATE: Peters isn’t sure yet whether he’s running for his At-Large position or the Central Ward position held by Councilman Bill Knobloch. See my story (with Knobloch’s take) here.


Councilman Barry Peters announced today he will seek a second term on the Bainbridge City Council.

Peters, who was elected unopposed to the council’s island-wide, at-large position in 2008, is one of four council members up for re-election this year. Council members Bill Knobloch, Kim Brackett and Hilary Franz are still mulling over whether to run.

Property developer John Green is the only other declared council candidate. Green said in January that he would challenge Peters if Peters decided to run again. Green also said he may seek Knobloch’s Central Ward seat if Knobloch decides not to run. Knobloch has indicated he is strongly leaning toward running again.

Head down below to read Peters’ re-election announcement. He mentions roads maintenance, local agriculture, government transparency, environmental preservation and public safety as some of his top priorities.
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Kucinich is coming to Bainbridge

UPDATE: The Lynwood Center Theatre has been named as the location for Kucinich’s speaking event.
Former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is scheduled to speak on Apr. 30 at a yet-to-be named Bainbridge location Lynwood Theatre. He’ll speak from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

Event organizer Kat Gjovik has a Facebook page set up with more information about the Ohio congressman’s visit.

Gjovik says Kucinich, a longshot Democratic Party nominee for the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections, will speak about the future of the progressive movement.

Kucinich first caught national attention when he was elected mayor of Cleveland in 1977 at the age of 31. He has built a reputatation for his strongly liberal views. He called for the impeachment of Pres. George Bush and was the only Democratic candidate in the 2008 election who voted against the Iraq invasion.

Kucinich drew a large crowd when he last visited the island in 2004. He also spoke on Bainbridge in 2003.

Bainbridge school levy measures passing; Rolfes and Inslee headed for re-election

The two Bainbridge school levy measures were passing by healthy margins on Tuesday night.

Early returns showed the technology levy passing with 54.65 percent of the vote, and the operations levy lid lift passing with 60.64 percent.

Bainbridge’s Jay Inslee appears headed for another term in Congress. He was besting his Republican challenger, James Watkins, with 56 percent of the vote.

Rep. Christine Rolfes was beating fellow islander James Olsen to retain her state House seat. She had 55 percent to Olsen’s 44.8 percent.

Longtime Bainbridge attorney was in a tight battle with Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders on Tuesday night. Wiggins had 49.15 percent, Sanders had 50.85 percent.

See more Kitsap Sun election coverage HERE.

Read my story about the school measures below.

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Surprise! Kitsap Sun endorses Watkins over Inslee

Bet you didn’t see this coming: The Kitsap Sun didn’t endorse Jay Inslee.

In a surprise move, the Sun’s editorial board chose his Republican challenger, a candidate that most polls say doesn’t have a chance against Bainbridge’s six-term congressman.

Inslee has been the Sun’s favorite in years past, but business know-how and fiscal restraint – keynotes of the James Watkins campaign – swayed the editorial board this year.

“Watkins has four years of experience under two administrations in helping to cut spending at the FDIC, served as a director at Microsoft, managed successful small businesses, and has been a consultant working with small businesses across the nation. He’s a fiscal conservative, opposes deficit spending, and says a key to economic recovery is policies that will allow small businesses to grow in a supportive environment that’s stable in terms of taxes and regulatory measures,” the editorial board writes.

Plus, Inslee is no Norm Dicks or Patty Murray (both endorsed by the Sun) when it comes to bringing the federal bacon to Kitsap, according to the board.

To read the full endorsement, click HERE. Scroll down past the bits about Dicks and Murray to get to the Inslee vs. Watkins part at the bottom.

Inslee, Rolfes take early leads in primary election

Islanders Jay Inslee and Christine Rolfes took early leads as the first batch of primary election results were released last night.

Inslee, who is seeking his seventh term in Congress, had 56.8 percent of the vote, according to early returns. Of his three challengers, Republican James Watkins had the strongest support, with 26.1 percent.

Inslee’s support in Kitsap was actually slightly lower than in the rest of his district, which includes Redmond, Kirkland, Edmonds and Shoreline. The Kitsap portion of his district (Bainbridge, North Kitsap, Silverdale) gave Inslee 53.6 percent of the vote. Kitsapers also cast slightly more ballots in favor of Inslee challenger Matthew Burke than the rest of the district, and gave just a little less support to Watkins.

Rolfes, a former Bainbridge city councilwoman who now represents the 23rd Legislative District in the state House, drew 56.6 percent of the early return votes. Republican challenger and fellow islander James Olsen had 32.8 percent. A second Republican candidate, Aaron Winters, drew 10.3 percent.

For more coverage of the primary, head over to the Sun’s main page, HERE.

Sun endorses Rep. Rolfes for re-election

The Kitsap Sun has endorsed Rep. Christine Rolfes, a Bainbridge Island resident, for re-election to the state House seat she’s held for almost four years.

Here’s what the Sun had to say about Rolfes and her Republican challengers, James Olsen of Bainbridge and Aaron Winters of Poulsbo:

“Rolfes clearly offers a more reasonable and thoughtful approach to the state’s problems than her challengers, and has been an advocate in maintaining a freeze on ferry fares during her term. Even one vote we take issue with — her endorsement in suspending I-960 last session — still remained in tune with the sentiment of her constituents, who overwhelmingly had opposed the initiative. Her challengers fall back on rhetoric too often, and neither demonstrate the ability to work in the collaborative way that the coming session will likely demand.”

To read more about the Sun’s endorsements for the state Legislature, and to see the Sun’s video interview with Rolfes, Olsen and Winters, head over HERE.

VIDEO: State Supreme Court candidates take questions from the Sun

Bainbridge attorney Charlie Wiggins (seated on the left) is running against Pierce County judge Bryan Chushcoff (center) and incumbent Supreme Court judge Richard Sanders (right).

The above video, which is of a discussion with the Sun’s editorial board, has some glitches at the beginning, but evens out after a minute.

Wiggins and Chushcoff expressed concerns about Sanders’ impartiality and oversight of lawyers. Sanders described himself as a defender of individual rights with several years of judicial experience.

For more about Wiggins, see his website HERE.

Chushcoff’s website is HERE.

Sanders’ website is HERE.

One ballot, two school levies

The Bainbridge school district is likely to put two levy measures on the November ballot.

One levy would go toward technology upgrades and the other would lift the recently-approved operations levy by $825,000.

Added up, the two measures would total $6.1 million, an amount that school officials are quick to point out is equal to the soon-to-expire 2006 tech levy. So, in essence, taxes would remain the same, school officials say.

The school board is scheduled to vote Thursday on whether to put the measures on the ballot.

Read more HERE.

Do Inslee’s Republican challengers have a chance?

Jay Inslee won re-election in 2008 with almost 70 percent of the vote – his best showing since wrestling his U.S. House seat from Republican Rick White in 1998.

According to a recent Seattle Times story, the Bainbridge resident is a “good fit for his largely suburban, well-educated district with his focus on green energy and new technologies.”

His popularity, the Times adds, has made him a contender for governor in 2012.

Yet, Inslee’s seeming lock on re-election to Congress this year hasn’t dissuaded two Republicans from mounting determined campaigns against him.

Former Microsoft manager James Watkins and financial planner Matthew Burke say the federal government can ill afford the debt and stimulus measures they say Inslee and his fellow Democrats are laying on the shoulders of taxpayers.

Read more in the Times story HERE.

Rossi to speak on Bainbridge Island

U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi is scheduled to speak at a Republican Party on Bainbridge later this month.

Rossi, who twice ran for governor against Chris Gregoire, will be the featured guest at the Bainbridge Island Republican Women’s Club’s Summer Soiree on July 15. Rossi is currently campaigning for the senate seat held by Patty Murray.

The $30 event begins at 5:30 p.m. with dinner at 6:30 p.m. It will be held at the Wing Point Golf and Country Club, 811 Cherry Ave.

Call (206) 337-5543 for a reservation.

VIDEO: Bainbridge candidates square off for state House

Rep. Christine Rolfes (D-Bainbridge Island) has a fellow islander challenging her for the state House seat she’s held for nearly four years.

Retired U.S. Coast Guard officer and local Republican activist James Olsen is running against Rolfes on a smaller-government, pro-business platform.

They are joined by Poulsbo Republican Aaron Winters, an unemployed construction foreman.

Watch the above video to see all three discuss the economy, state spending and other matters with Sun editor David Nelson. That’s Rolfes on the left side, Olsen’s in the middle and Winters is on the right.