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Bainbridge launches interactive mapping system

The city recently unveiled a new online mapping system that allows users to view several layers of customized data.

Accessible on the city’s website, the interactive system allows you to see property lines, zoning, environmentally sensitive areas, publicly-owned properties, topography and plenty more.

See my story HERE.

And check out the map over HERE.

It takes a bit of getting used to, and there are some odd rules to follow to avoid confusion. For example, if you want to see park data, make sure you select “Bainbridge Island Background,” “Parcels” and then click on the “+” sign under “Parks.” The “+” will allow you to see a drop-down menu with few categories you can select. Also, you must zoom in a bit. Too wide of a view will show only certain kinds of data. Another thing: certain browsers seem to be having trouble with the mapping system. If you have problems, head over to the help menu on the right side of the screen.

There’s actually quite a bit of information in the system, so taking the time to get familiar with how it works is definitely worth it.

The city says the system you see today is only the beginning. Several upgrades are in the works.

Kitsap Sun environmental reporter Chris Dunagan discussed the mapping system on his blog, Watching Our Waterways. Read his take HERE.