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Eagle Harbor’s salty Santa sails tonight

If the legend of Santa Claus were formed on the shores of Puget Sound rather than than northern Europe, he likely would wouldn’t have reindeer or a sleigh.

The Northwest-born Santa would be an old sea captain, and he’d fly around in an dory pulled by (what else?) eight tiny blue herons.

This is how Bainbridge historian Jerry Elfendahl envisioned Santa for his Eagle Harbor version of the classic “The Night Before Christmas” poem.

With the poem finished (and now illustrated in poster form available at Custom Printing and on place mats at the Harbour Public House), Elfendahl set to work with an old dory, a bunch of pink flamingos, some campaign signs, paint, lights, a white beard, and a p.a. system to really bring his “Captain Nick” to life.

Read more about the fun Elfendahl and his buddies have been having here.

And to see Captain Nick in all his glory, head down to Waterfront Park tonight (Monday). Elfendahl and his floating creation will be a part of a second Christmas boating parade from 5 to 7 p.m.

Photo: Joel Sackett

Snow and blackouts are only the latest problems for Winslow merchants

Doug Tolliver, a “A Shovel 4 Hire,” escorts a Winslow shopper over an icy crosswalk on Monday. Find more photos here

Shoppers squinted and blinked as they entered Lindsleys clothing store on Monday afternoon.

Somewhere among the darkened clothing racks Tom Lindsley was voicing a welcome to them. Most customers needed a few seconds to let their eyes adjust from the glare of Winslow’s snowy streets to the dim of the unlit store.

“Right now all we have is daylight,” said Lindsley, who co-owns the 17-year-old store store with his wife. “And a few flashlights people will hopefully use.”

Lindsleys was one of many downtown shops already struggling under a sluggish economy. The winter snow storm and resulting power outage made a bad situation worse.

And while the Christmas season was anticipated as a happy ending to a tough year, many stores found the snow kept many holiday spenders at home.

“The combination of the weather and the economy really makes things messy,” Lindsley said. “It hurts a lot. Our (sales) are way down. And we’ll have to close early because it’s getting harder to see in here.”

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Thanksgiving leftovers for Christmas

Well, I guess I need to check BITV more often.

I just ran into the station’s B News Thanksgiving special. It’s a combination of cooking show and tour of local farms all pulled under the theme of how to craft a gourmet feast using only Bainbridge-grown ingredients.

Lots of familiar faces and foods make their way onto the screen: Betsey Wittick and her garlic, Gerard Bentryn and his wine, and Max from Tani Creek Farm dropping off some of his heirloom greens.

IslandWood chef Jeff White cooks it all up before the cameras.

Much of the food is still available, even during these seemingly lifeless winter days, so the show is worth a watch, especially if you need help dreaming up a Christmas spread.

See the show online here. An archive of B News shows can be found here.

And check out the Bainbridge Farmers Market, which lasts until Dec. 20, here.