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Speaker says manager-led government is good, but electing good people is better

Whether Bainbridge’s government sticks with its traditional political model or switches to one rooted in the business world, City Hall will remain only as good as the people chosen to run it.

That was the message municipal government expert Carl Neu drove home during a Tuesday night forum exploring the differences between mayor- and manager-led cities. Islanders will vote May 19 on whether to do away with the city’s elected mayor position in favor of a manager hired by the City Council.

“As you get into this question, try to separate yourselves from personalities and decide what makes sense structurally,” the Colorado-based consultant said to the over 100 people gathered in Bainbridge High School’s commons. “There’s never been a form of government that can overcome the foibles of humanity.”

While a manager-led government is no “silver bullet,” Neu characterized it as generally more cost-effective, efficient and transparent than the mayor form.

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City government expert to speak on mayor vs. manager issue

Municipal government expert Carl Neu will discuss the differences between mayor- and manager-led cities at the Bainbridge High School Commons on March 31.

Bainbridge voters will decide on May 19 whether to swap the city’s elected mayor position for a city manager hired by the City Council.

Neu has worked with over 600 local and state government entities since 1976. As a consultant, he has focused on strategic leadership-building, policy development, long-range planning and elected official teamwork skills.

Neu’s visit is sponsored by the Bainbridge Resources Group. His discussion at BHS begins at 7 p.m.