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BITV goes off the air

Bainbridge Island Television ended its 25 years of public access broadcasting this week.

It’s dying days were tumultuous, with street and City Hall protests, e-mail and social media campaigns and several BITV news specials decrying the city’s decision to cut funding to the station.

Now a fight looms over the robotic cameras and other equipment BITV purchased with public funds. BITV says the equipment belongs to them. The city disagrees.

And there appears to be some conflict on BITV’s sparsely-populated board. One member is now serving as both president and vice president, while another member says all control is now in the hands of the executive director. There are hints that some former board members may try to revive the station in the coming months.

You can read more in my most recent story about BITV.

This blog’s most recent poll (see right column) posed the question of how much financial support the city should give BITV. As of today, the results show a majority (64 percent) wanting no city funding to go to the station. About 20 percent want the city to meet BITV’s full funding request of almost $300,000, and 16 percent say BITV should get half that amount.

You can read BITV’s closure announcement below.

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BITV may shut down

BITV may have to shut down unless the city restores its funding.

The $296,000 BITV had expected from the city makes up more than 80 percent of the public access station’s 2011 budget.

Read my latest story HERE.

BITV is planning a protest next week and devoted its entire B News show to the cuts. You can see the show HERE or view a portion below.

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Island TV pioneer dies at 83

KING-TV investigative reporter and Bainbridge public access TV pioneer Christopher “Kit” Spier died April 15 from complications related to Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Spier, who died at his Bainbridge home, led quite a life, as the Seattle Times recently reported:

Pick a decade in Christopher “Kit” Spier’s life, and you’d have the stuff of a television movie.

He knew what it was like to fight in a war, to start television stations, and direct and produce award-winning documentaries for TV. He played trumpet in a jazz band and turned a polluting sewage plant into an environmental gem.

Read the rest of the Times’ story here.

Thanksgiving leftovers for Christmas

Well, I guess I need to check BITV more often.

I just ran into the station’s B News Thanksgiving special. It’s a combination of cooking show and tour of local farms all pulled under the theme of how to craft a gourmet feast using only Bainbridge-grown ingredients.

Lots of familiar faces and foods make their way onto the screen: Betsey Wittick and her garlic, Gerard Bentryn and his wine, and Max from Tani Creek Farm dropping off some of his heirloom greens.

IslandWood chef Jeff White cooks it all up before the cameras.

Much of the food is still available, even during these seemingly lifeless winter days, so the show is worth a watch, especially if you need help dreaming up a Christmas spread.

See the show online here. An archive of B News shows can be found here.

And check out the Bainbridge Farmers Market, which lasts until Dec. 20, here.