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Woodworkers craft ‘fancy’ bus shelter for affordable housing project

A group of volunteer woodworkers built a custom bus stop for the Ferncliff Village affordable housing project. Tad Sooter has the story….

Island woodworkers donate new Ferncliff Village bus stop
By Tad Sooter

It’s not often a school bus shelter can elicit awe. The new wooden shelter at the Ferncliff Village affordable housing development isn’t an average bus stop.

“It’s pretty spectacular,” Bill Luria of the Bainbridge Housing Resources Board said of the stout but elegant fir shelter. “It’s a pretty massive structure.”

Luria is just as impressed with the shelter’s builders.

Members of the non-profit Bainbridge Community Woodshop and employees of Salisbury Woodworking contributed about 200 hours to the project on Ferncliff Avenue, which wrapped up in late November.
 The Ferncliff shelter was the latest community service effort completed by Community Woodshop volunteers, who regularly donate their time and expertise to assist fellow non-profits. Kilbane said the service projects meet a need on the island. They also help the Community Woodshop raise its profile while it pursues its overarching goal of creating a shared workshop on Bainbridge.

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Woodworkers unite!

The island’s woodworkers are joining forces to establish a community woodshop at the city-owned Johnson Farm on Fletcher Bay Road.

That’s a bit of the preliminary site plan above.

The effort’s got plenty going for it: over 200 people have shown strong interest in making use of the shop, and the City Council unanimously endorsed the idea. The next big hurtle for the group, known as the Bainbridge Community Woodshop, is fundraising. They’ve pulled together $50,000 of their own money, but about $550,000 more is required.

For more about the effort, read my story HERE.

See Bainbridge Community Woodshop’s website HERE.

The group is having a public meeting on Saturday, Nov. 13, at 9 a.m. at the Commons in Waterfront Park to discuss the woodshop plans. Two days later, on Nov. 15, the city will host a second meeting to gather public comments about the proposal. The city meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

By the way, the woodshop won’t just be for Bainbridge Islanders. Any dues-paying member will be able to use the shop.

The full woodshop site plan can be seen below.

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