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Police blotter for Feb. 27 islander

polie_blotter_logoDog poop smeared under car handles
After an argument between guests at a bed and breakfast and neighbors about where to park on the 11200 block of Wing Point Drive, dog feces were found smeared under the guest and his family’s car door handles on Feb. 20.
The neighbor was upset the guest had parked in her driveway while he waited for family members to leave the bed and breakfast. The guest told police he had only planned to leave the car there for a few minutes.
The neighbor said she did not put the dog feces on the car, “but that dog feces is common in the neighborhood.”

Can’t drive after smoking pot
Officer Sias found a an 18-year-old woman and 20-year-old man smoking pot in a parked car at Rotary Park ball fields off Weaver Road about 10:30 p.m. Feb. 24.
Sias’s report said he was concerned the man, who was in the driver seat, was going to try and drive after smoking. After he told them they couldn’t drive away, the woman had her mother come pick them up.

Cutting in line with a concealed weapon
After a pickup truck driver was confronted for cutting in line at the Winslow ferry terminal Sunday and said he had a concealed weapon, he drove off pointing his hand in the shape of a gun at the complaining man.
A man saw the white GMC pickup truck cut in line, grabbed a “report something” card from the ticket booth and put it on the truck’s windshield. That was when the driver told him he had a concealed weapon.
The man told police he was startled by the statement and finger pointing at first, but did not feel he was being threatened. He added that the driver was with his family and might have feared someone approaching the vehicle.

DUI with child, dogs in car
After reports of an SUV swerving into oncoming traffic on Highway 305, police found the vehicle — and its driver — in a parking lot Wallace Way off Madison Avenue just after midnight Monday morning.
Officer Ben Sias saw a woman, small child and two small dogs walking away from the Ford Explorer, which was not in a parking spot.
While the child said the dogs had been loose in the SUV, the woman told Sias she had about three drinks at an event in Indianola and the family had brought two cars.
The woman was slurring her words, had blood-shot eyes and was swaying, the report said.
After performing several sobriety tests, Sias asked the child to take the dogs into the apartment. After the child was gone, he arrested the woman.
She had blood alcohol breath samples that measured .179 and .172.